Who We are & Our Commitments

Selat Co. is a saudi national company was formed in 1434 A.H. depending upon more than – 25year experience in KSA markets in the fields of healthcare services. We endeavor to improve the revenue cycle management. We seek to reach such a goal through providing a package of business solutions and technical support via smart innovative and professional mechanism.

Customer Satisfaction

We work seriously and sincerely to provide the highest level of professionalism, integrity and compliant business practices in every aspect of our industry. We expect transparency and accountability from our leaders while ensuring the continued growth of the Association by providing valuable benefits and resources to our members and other industry stakeholders.


Hospitals & Dispensaries


Medical Complex


Medical City





Our Proposed Services

Benchmarking practices success against local and national standards

Creating workflow optimized operations (SOPs)

Identifying missing revenue, and educating staff -Medical & Non-Medical

Billing and Claim Auditing

Rejections management and reduction


Denial tracking & Reconciliations

Legal and contracting

Latest News

Soylent Corp

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Massive Dynamic

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Initech Corporation

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Our International Partnerships

Selat Co. is the sole partner (representative) in KSA to a Synapse, a leader in global healthcare administration services.
Synapse is the company that created Australia’s first medical billing app. Synapse specialize in maximizing efficiency, improving cash flow and keeping operation costs down. Synapse Medical services is an international leading provider of online medical services that take the paperwork out of patient care.
Synapse works as the safe and expert helping hand needed for any medical administration.
With offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Chennai and Dubai Selat are helping Synapse bring their first class knowledge, experience and resource to The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We believe this will provide long-term benefits to hospitals through ICD-10
AM being adopted in KSA. Synapse are our Australian experts in this field.