Meet Our
Expert Team

Throughout our organization, we attract and retain healthcare employees and leaders of the very highest standard. Our products and our service levels are a direct reflection of our people. So when we have the right resources, you have the right experience with us.

We are a world-class healthcare management organization, and we’re pleased to introduce our expert team.


With two decades of experience spanning all levels of management in the healthcare insurance industry, Fayez Nasser Al Harbi brings a wealth of expertise to the Selat Board. He is educated to a degree standard within Saudi Arabia and holds an advanced diploma in Banking and Finance from the UK. As a leader, he is a visionary who exceeds his aims

Fayez Nasser Al Harbi
CEO and Board Member

An impressive career has taken Ahmed Emad Al-Hamalawy right through the healthcare industry in Egypt and the KSA. Over twenty years and with specialisms in accounting and insurance, he has proven to be an expertly skilled and versatile leader.

Ahmed Emad Al-Hamalawy Executive Vice President

Hiba’s practical insights into the organization, administration and management of healthcare since 2001, mean that she is perfectly familiar with how the industry operates from the inside. Her career has seen her earn more and more responsibility, valued greatly by all of her employers. Hiba’s multi-layered role touches all aspects of the Selat organization.

Hiba Mohamed Fattouh Project Manager

Salah has experience in healthcare since 1981. He has worked in medical insurance, accounting, patient relations, operations and executive management in healthcare facilities throughout Jordan and The KSA. An impressive list of medical professionals highly commend him, and with Salah, submissions are on time, invoices are accurate and systems are up-to-date.

Salah Mahmoud Khalil Project Manager

Aiman Harera worked for more than twenty-five years in the field of health care between Egypt and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia during this period, he held the positions of Director of the Business Office as well as for the revenue cycle RCM and was promoted to the Deputy General Director for Financial and Administrative Affairs in the major hospitals in both countries

Aiman Abdelkhaliek Harera Director Of Operation