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The healthcare industry's mission is
to deliver the most advanced serves by
seeking perfection.

The way to achieve this is by developing successful processes to stay financially healthy. RCM is a premier provider of business and technology solutions designed to enhance and maximize the operational performance of its customers to drive the future of this growing industry The potential is limitless.

And, at Selat, we’re proud to be the first choice for RCM in the region. If you see the potential for operational improvement in your center, my advice is this: reach out. Ask us for a free consultation and see the difference that RCM has made to healthcare clients in a similar situation.

Our medical coding and costing solutions across hospitals, medical cities, pharmacies, opticians, and many other healthcare operations, are supported by valued partnerships and technologies. Together with our partnership, we offer an AI-driven system that allows for a more accurate and consistent classification of medical services. we’ve developed the Health Information Billing System answering the market need for a bolt-on billing module that’s compatible with any existing healthcare information system or ERP.Our technologies and services increase claims paid, allow greater volumes of business, reduce denials. Ultimately, RCM means more efficiency and profit for your facility, by raising procedural excellence. The tools we develop at Selat create security and transparency for stakeholders, they deliver accuracy and clarity for better levels of care and ultimately result in better business performance.

Working with public and private health organizations, our systems exceed the highest quality standards. Users increase revenues, reduce waste, gather healthier business insights and simply perform as world-class healthcare providers. Selat Co. has been emerged with a view to help hospitals address these challenges and improve profitability, all of our experts are looking forward to having you as an added value.

Fayez N Alharbi