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Our Proposed Services

Our proposed services
1. Benchmarking practices success against local and national standards
2. Creating workflow optimized operations (SOPs)
3. Identifying missing revenue, and educating staff ( Medical Staff & Non-Medical ).
4. Billingand Claim Auditing.
5. Rejections management and reduction
6. Collections.
7. Denial tracking & Reconciliations.
8. Legal and contracting

Based on the following work streams:

  •  Project Initiation: Briefing session with concerned to understand the strategy, vision
    and values that the project should embody Briefing meetings with operation staff on
    business priorities and key strengths of the provided services and one-on-one
    interviews with the staff to understand current perceptions of the concept.
  • Concept Development: Identification of areas of operations and service delivery that
    must change in order to deliver in addition to Preparing Services list taking in
    consideration prices benchmarking and service categorization and projection.
  • Strategy Development: Analysis of the gap between current versus desired position,
    setting of KPIs, Identification of areas of operations and service delivery that must
    change in order to deliver on the concept of the new Business module.
  • Contract Definition: Finalize and agree upon the contract terms and conditions to be
    signed with insurance companies and modification plan for the next period.
  • Services Definition: Defining the inclusion and exclusion for each service and
    procedure to ensure that capturing process is working among with cost effectiveness.
  • Staff Training: Staff training and orientation for the whole revenue cycle process with
    clear tasks and workflow.
  • Services locations restructuring: Starting to provide medical services for
    different segmentation from different entities based on availability of services and capacity.
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